Liverpool City Council – It’s what we do

EMPTYING the bins, sweeping the streets, repairing our roads and looking after our parks and gardens…

Some of the most instantly recognisable services provided by Liverpool City Council.

But that’s just the start, because the council is responsible for many more services that have a real impact on the lives of people across our city.

Think education, social care, public health, community safety, planning, leisure centres, bringing in business and creating jobs – the list goes on.

From our very youngest citizens to the longest-serving Liverpudlians – whatever your age, whatever your background, the city council will be working for you.

And sometimes it’s not those headline-grabbing services that make the most difference.

Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson said: “There’s an unsung army of council staff, grafting away behind the scenes, meeting residents and working with them on the issues that affect them the most. Serving the community – because they’re part of the community. Now, we want to shine a spotlight on some of our own local heroes.

We’ve put together a series of videos that feature some of our lesser known job roles. You might not realise exist but you’d really miss if they didn’t. And we’re concentrating on the real people behind the job titles.”

In the first one we focus on the work of the Benefit Maximisation Team.

Did you know that each year we help thousands of people stay in their homes by providing much-needed financial support?

We help people struggling with their Council Tax bill and can even provide support for low income families who need to buy essentials like a fridge or washing machine.

This year the Benefits Maximisation Team has supported Liverpool residents to claim an extra £10 million in benefits they were entitled to.

We spoke to Benefit Maximisation Team member Hayley (pictured above) to find out more.

Enjoy the video:

Liverpool Waterfront