Liverpool councillor addresses UN

Anna Rothery has made history by becoming the first Liverpool Councillor to speak on the floor at the United Nations.

On Wednesday, 27th November 2012, Councillor Rothery, who chairs Liverpool City Council’s Culture and Tourism Select Committee, made a historic presentation to the Fifth session of the Forum on Minority Issues on “Implementing the United Nations Declaration on Minority Rights: Identifying positive practices and opportunities”.

Her speech, entitled “Liverpool – A case study on minorities and effective political participation”, was delivered at the UN office in Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland, with an audience of over 55 countries represented.

Councillor Rothery said: “It was a great pleasure to represent Liverpool at this important forum and show the progress that is being made in minority rights and representation in this city.”

“My work in this area started after the 1981 Liverpool riots where I realised the need for championing people with no voice, no future, no jobs and therefore no real prospects for proper stake in society.”

Having met and discussed the barriers to political representation with Ruffo Bravette, a former advisor on diversity to US President Bill Clinton, in 2005 Councillor Rothery set on a path to become actively involved in politics and was elected in 2006.

She added: “I was also happy to present a scroll from Mayor Anderson, re-affirming his and the city’s commitment to the United Nations Declaration on Minority Rights. This should have a huge impact on diverse communities going forward in terms of ensuring access to all amenities, services and provision, thus allowing them to fully participate in the future of the great city of Liverpool.”


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