Cllr Liam Robinson talking at Liverpool Developers Forum
Cllr Liam Robinson talking at Liverpool Developers Forum

“Liverpool open for business” – developers told at key forum

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Council Leader, Cllr Liam Robinson, has told the city’s development sector Liverpool is “open for business.”

Cllr Robinson told a packed audience at the Liverpool Developers Forum that the city is “on the cusp of a new era of growth” with almost £12bn of development in the city’s pipeline.

Speaking at the special event at the Museum of Liverpool, Cllr Robinson said: “Liverpool is open for business. We are looking forward to working in close partnership with our community of developers.

“We’re here to help and that’s the spirit of today’s event. We are here to work in partnership with you.”

Attendees were introduced to the new leadership team at the Development directorate and were given an overview of of the Council’s vision and goals from Corporate Director Nuala Gallagher.

Following Nuala, Director for Major Projects Sophie Bevan gave an update on progress of schemes such as Festival Gardens, Kings Dock, Littlewoods and Paddington Village.

Cllr Nick Small, Cabinet for Growth and Economy, also addressed the forum, saying Liverpool’s economic potential is “hugely positive and solid foundations are being set for growth”, citing the recently announced waterfront strategy.

Sam Campbell, Director for Planning and Building Control, talked of new policies such as the Tall Building policy and residential design guide and also told the forum that the Council has recruited 15 new planning officers, creating a new placemaking team to develop capacity.

Sam added that the city’s Local Plan is also about to be reviewed which will set out the city’s need for development, both commercial and residential.

Andrew Lewis, Chief Executive of the Council, who also facilitated a Q&A session at the end of the forum, said: “We are growth oriented. Liverpool was built to be a much bigger city.

“As we chart our way in the new international environment this is our focus, We want to move forward and ensure investors see Liverpool as a place that is investment ready.”

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