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Liverpool Philharmonic in Music Partnership with LCVS

The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic is pleased to announce a new partnership with LCVS | United Way to provide opportunities for charitable groups and voluntary organisations to hear the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra live in concert for FREE. The partnership is a development of Liverpool Philharmonic’s Tickets in the Community (TIC) scheme, established over 10 years ago, to provide complimentary tickets to community organisations working with hard to reach individuals and communities, or in areas of significant social deprivation.

LCVS is a registered charity that brings together individuals and groups and supports them in delivering voluntary activities that help to improve communities and individual lives in lasting and measurable ways. Liverpool Philharmonic approached LCVS to seek their advice in identifying new groups who would be interested in joining the TIC scheme, because they are working with individuals and communities who would not normally have the opportunity to attend a concert. LCVS has been promoting the scheme to their members.

Liverpool Philharmonic’s TIC scheme allocates a number of free tickets for a selection of concerts throughout the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra’s concert season at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall. A nominated coordinator within a group that is part of the TIC scheme may order between 10- 50 tickets, subject to availability, for its members. The TIC scheme enables Liverpool Philharmonic to build new relationships with individuals and organisations and encourage their enjoyment of and participation in music.

Groups who have joined Liverpool Philharmonic’s TIC scheme through LCVS include Mencap Liverpool, Merseyside Play Action Council (MPAC), St. Michael’s and Lark Lane Community Centre, RAISE and All Hallows Centre, Allerton.

Alan Lewis, Chief Executive of LCVS said: “LCVS is proud to be a partner with Liverpool Philharmonic in promoting their Tickets in the Community scheme. It’s an opportunity to offer our members, and the individuals and communities they work with, the chance to hear world class music in Liverpool. It will also be useful to them as a benefit to offer when recruiting support from volunteers and others to help deliver their activities.”

Millicent Jones, Liverpool Philharmonic’s Executive Director (Marketing, Communications & Fundraising) said: “We know that there are barriers to attending concerts for individuals and communities, be they social, economic or health reasons. Our TIC scheme is part of our wider community engagement programme, and contributes to Liverpool Philharmonic’s aim as the City’s major music and music development partner, to encourage and provide opportunities to enjoy and participate in music.”

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