Liverpool schools lead on allergy management

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As National Allergy Awareness Week begins, St. Hilda’s Secondary School is among the first in the city to adopt a potentially life-saving anaphylaxis kit.

The school in south Liverpool has taken proactive steps to ensure the safety and well-being of its students by implementing an innovative anaphylaxis kit, provided by Kitt Medical.

The anaphylaxis kit comprises emergency adrenaline pens, online CPD-accredited training, and incident reporting mechanisms, ensuring swift and effective responses to allergy emergencies for students and visitors.

The integration of the anaphylaxis kit at St. Hilda’s Primary School has already proven to be impactful in safeguarding students.

As Assistant Head Teacher, Ben Norton said, “Students can feel safe and secure knowing that we have this provision in school.”

Matt Ashton, Director of Public Health at Liverpool City Council says: “it’s fantastic to see this pioneering approach to allergy awareness happening in Liverpool.

“Not only do these specialised kits offer a fantastic resource for teachers, but they are really important as an awareness raising tool for our young people, giving more understanding of what to look out for when it comes to allergic reactions.”

About National Allergy Awareness Week:

National Allergy Awareness Week, which runs until 27 April, an annual initiative led by Allergy UK, aims to raise awareness about allergies and promote best practices in allergy management.
By fostering understanding and preparedness, the campaign seeks to create safer environments for individuals living with allergies. Learn more at

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