Liverpool Streetscene Services’ Christmas Parade 2020

LSSL wanted to say a big thank you to the residents who have supported Liverpool’s Alleyway Programme for the past 2 years, who have been instrumental to the programme’s success so far.

We got in touch with Santa and asked if he could pay these residents a visit and spread some Christmas cheer after a challenging and difficult year, and he said yes! But only if we made him a brand new sleigh…

Luckily we have two very talented members of staff at Newton Road who are skilled at carpentry – Roy Brosnan and Paul Draper (AKA LSSL’s Christmas Workshop Elves!)

They worked hard in the workshop and made a new sleigh from scratch, and even added sleigh runners on the bottom to make it as real as possible. Staff in the vehicle workshop at Moorgate Point depot then fixed the sleigh to the vehicle safely and decorated it with lights and tinsel.

The idea started with the Kensington Christmas parade and party last year, organised by the community, Councillors, LCC and LSSL, which went down well and boosted community spirit. So this year we decided to do something bigger and better and expanded the parade routes, with Councillor’s permission, to Kensington Fields, Princes Park, Riverside, County, Kensington, Old Swan, Tuebrook and Anfield, all areas that are part of the programme.

Santa will appear with his Elf, a Snowman and Princess Elsa from Frozen to wave to residents and wish you all a Happy Christmas. We understand that everyone has worked hard to stay safe this year from Covid, so we ask that you stay at your doorsteps and give them a socially distanced wave.

If you live in one of the areas above, here’s when Santa will be travelling through your area…

Thursday 17th DecemberKensington Fields
Princes Park
From 3:30 pm
From 5:15pm
From 5:30pm
Friday 18th DecemberCountyFrom 4:30pm
Monday 21st DecemberKensingtonFrom 4:30pm
Tuesday 22nd DecemberOld Swan
From 4:30pm
From 5:00pm
From 5:30pm

LSSL would like to say a special thanks to the team that made this happen and we hope that residents and children enjoy it.

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