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Liverpool to keep “boosting” vaccine outreach

Liverpool is not alone in having a lower-than-average uptake in some areas– but with almost 900,000 doses now delivered, the city hasn’t stood still on this issue and continues to reach out to those who haven’t previously come forward.

What is being seen in Liverpool isn’t unique – it’s something that is mirrored in other big cities and isn’t due to any one issue. It may be because we have younger populations, more diverse communities and higher pockets of deprivation. It could also be down to recording, as cities with universities have ‘mobile populations’ and students may be registered with a GP at both home and at their term time address – and may have already had their vaccine.

Recent figures from the ONS survey on vaccine hesitancy from August 2021 suggest that a very small proportion of people, approximately 4 -8 % are hesitant about ever getting the jab – but this also means lots of unvaccinated people are potentially still open to it.

In the past 12 months Liverpool has provided a really good offer for vaccination.

Pharmacies and GP led clinics, alongside mass ‘Grab A Jab sessions’ have brought in large numbers of people from a cross section of the community and by working with local partners and big businesses, including Arriva and Matalan has enabled Liverpool to offer some innovative solutions.

The NHS vaccination bus which operated at the heart of communities saw a 21 % rise in people coming forward for their vaccine, and the recent in-store clinic at Wavertree Matalan enabled over 100 shoppers in the first weekend of operation to finally get their 1st and 2nd doses.

Schemes such as the ‘Taxi to the Vaxi’ are also still available- which take people to vaccination centres free of charge.

Cabinet Member for Social Care and Health, Cllr Frazer Lake said “There are still pockets in the city where up-take has been lower – which is why outreach work is so important.

I receive daily updates from our hospitals, and sadly the data speaks for itself – once other serious health conditions are discounted, 7 in every 10 patients being treated for Covid are not fully vaccinated.

We know that one size doesn’t fit all, and that vaccination is a choice – an informed one – so we will keep listening to concerns people may have and help build their confidence in having it.

Director of Public Health, Matt Ashton said “It’s never too late to get vaccinated and people should still have their jabs, even if they’ve had Covid-19 before.

Vaccination is working – it is breaking the link between Covid-19, serious illness, hospitalisations and deaths. 

Recent UKHSA data is also showing that the booster dose is reducing peoples risk of hospitalisation by around 88%.”

Book an appointment via the NHS website or attend one of the many drop-in sessions taking place across the city.

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