Emergency Services respond to incident at Liverpool Women's Hospital

Liverpool Women’s Hospital incident – Mayoral statement

The Mayor of Liverpool, Joanne Anderson, has issued a statement after a fatal car explosion outside the Liverpool Women’s Hospital, this morning, claimed a life and left another person injured.

Mayor Joanne said: “This morning’s tragic incident at the Liverpool Women’s Hospital has understandably caused a great deal of concern.

“Given the police investigation is ongoing, we need to refrain from speculation so that the facts can be established.

“The emergency services have been excellent in their handling of this incident and I offer them my sincere thanks. The response time to the scene was fantastically swift and the vehicle fire was out within minutes ensuring any other damage to property or harm to individuals was contained.

“This incident has clearly had a big impact on the hospital itself, especially the patients, their families and staff.

“The next 24 hours will be critical to the investigation, as a result the hospital will need to cancel patient visits to assist this process.

“For those who have appointments at the Women’s over the next 24 hours please do not come to the hospital until you have been contacted by staff and instructed to do so.

“It is vitally important that everyone remains calm during this stressful situation and allow the police to conduct their investigation in the appropriate manner.

“I thank everyone for their cooperation so far and will look to share more Twitter updates from @MerseyPolice when the information becomes available.”

Merseyside Police have also urged the public to remain calm (but vigilant) and thanked people for their patience and their cooperation which has greatly assisted their policing response. 

The have also stressed that this situation has not been declared a terrorist incident at this stage, although out of caution Counter Terrorism detectives are leading as they try to understand the circumstances behind the explosion.

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