Liverpool’s arts and culture scene to embrace new technology

I’m@app, a pilot app that aims to enrich people’s experience of arts and culture, will be trialed from 23 July 2014 in Liverpool – just in time for the return of Royal de Luxe to the city for their second Giant Spectacular event. The app is backed by Liverpool Vision.

I’m@app helps those visiting the city’s galleries and museums understand more about what they are seeing. Thanks to cutting-edge geo-fencing and beacon technology, a varied catalogue of content will spring to life across the City’s cultural venues, enhancing the journey of the visitors every step of the way.

The app’s collection of content will help visitors make the most of their experience: providing helpful tips on cultural highlights and giving information about what visitors are seeing… as well as some words of wisdom from the very people who’ve brought these great exhibitions to life.

Over the period of this beta trial I’m@app aims to understand more fully how visitors engage in the world of arts and culture; whether guests are enjoying Creative Director Bryan Biggs’ introduction to the Bluecoat’s gallery spaces, relaxing in the sunshine while listening to Whistler’s own words, watching video explaining how the Dazzle Ship was painted, or enjoying an audio tour around the open eye gallery.

The I’m@app launch coincides with the giant Memories of August 1914, the UK’s landmark commemorative event marking the beginning of the First World War, taking place from 23-27 July. Liverpool residents and event spectators will be able to explore the app’s exciting catalogue of content during this one-of-a-kind event, including exclusive time with the Artistic Director behind the Giants, Jean-Luc Courcoult. Visitors can hear his story of the giant spectacular and their unique relationship with Liverpool, as well as finding out the tale behind Grandmother Giant and the history of the Liverpool Pals. As these great giants wander the city, I’m@app’s users can also enjoy a soundtrack to the day, so they can hear, see and experience the whole day in its fullest colours.
Why Liverpool?

Jeff Boardman – Creative Director, i’m@app said: “It’s not just Liverpool’s rich cultural landscape that will add so much knowledge to this beta project, it’s also the people who live here.

“I don’t think there is anywhere else in the UK that would be as open, welcoming and generous as Liverpool City and its people. Their time and enthusiasm will make this project a success.

“For this beta trial to work, we needed to find somewhere with an impressive history of arts and culture – but also a place where the residents would be willing to help build something new and exciting for the future.

“Liverpool has so much amazing art and culture to offer. This trial will help us understand how we can make that experience even richer – that’s why we need honest feedback from enthusiastic individuals. Liverpool and its people are perfect for that.”
Stuart Nicolle – Founder / Solutions Director, Purple Seven said: “This App really is unique in the way it utilises both geo-fence and beacon technology to enhance the experience of visitors to Liverpool rather than simply to promote offers.

“Its power lies in its simplicity. As you approach an exhibit or even a painting within a gallery, the app will automatically deliver relevant and interesting content. For a visitor to the area or as a resident of the city, this is a truly helpful use of technology aimed solely at enhancing the visitors’ experience. The app will contain unique content that can’t be found on the web, so visitors will not only get the content delivered automatically at the relevant time, they will also get access to content unavailable to non-app users.”
Beta Trial Details:
The trial will run throughout Liverpool, from 22 July to 26 October. When the trial ends, insights including engagement levels, content viewed and venue crossover will be analysed by a data scientist, who will supply a tailor-made report to I’m@app, the City of Liverpool and all participating venues.

From this test and report we hope to find new and exciting ways to understand what the arts and culture visitor needs, so we can enhance their experiences with entertaining additional content.

This beta trial is possible thanks to the wonderful people of Liverpool and some amazing organisations and venues, including Culture Liverpool, The Mayor of Liverpool, Liverpool Vision, Liverpool Biennial, Giant Spectacular, The Open Eye Gallery, The Bluecoat, National Museums Liverpool, Tate Liverpool and IFB2014



The app is free to use.

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