Local businesses get chance to be part of Royal Hospital and LFC schemes

Local businesses are getting the chance to be part of the supply chain for the expansion of Liverpool Football Club and the new Royal Liverpool University Hospital.

Construction firm Carillion are holding a “Meet the Buyer” event on Thursday 26 February in the Champions Lounge in the Centenary Stand to make sure that city-based firms get the chance to benefit from the two huge schemes.

It is an opportunity to meet the Carillion teams and the existing supply chain to discuss potential opportunities.

The Anfield Regeneration project
The Anfield Regeneration project

Councillor Nick Small, Cabinet member for employment and skills, said: “We are absolutely determined to make sure that firms and businesses in Liverpool have a chance to benefit from a slice of the many hundreds of millions of pounds that are being spent on these two amazing projects.

“It is hugely important that money spent by institutions in the city remains in the city and filters its way into the pockets of the local workforce.

“This is the type of strategy that we have already pursued with our new schools and housing projects in the city and we have seen some tremendous results, with local businesses benefiting hugely.”

To confirm attendance, email your company name, address and postcode to rachael.phillips@carillionplc.com putting Meet the Buyer in the subject field, along with your trade. Firms will then be issued with joining instructions including details of the time allocated and parking instructions.

The event is on a first come, first served basis.

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