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Long service rewarded

Former councillors from Liverpool will be rewarded in recognition of their services to the City Council this week.

On Wednesday 26 March at a special ceremony at Liverpool Town Hall Lord Mayor, Councillor Gary Millar will present certificates to the ten newly appointed Honorary Aldermen and women of the City of Liverpool.

The councillors are from different political backgrounds and four have even served as Lord Mayor, Frank Doran who was Lord Mayor from 1996-97, Edwin Clein from 2000-01, Ron Gould from 2003-04 and Paul Clark who was Lord Mayor from 2007-08.

Between all ten, they have more than 170 years’ experience of being a councillor.

Current Lord Mayor, Councillor Gary Millar said: “I am delighted to be awarding these men and women with certificates recognising their hard work and dedication to Liverpool City Council and to the residents of the City of Liverpool.

“They have all made an enormous contribution to the city and have given up their own free time in order to do so.

“I congratulate them and thank them on behalf of the city of Liverpool.”

The list is as follows:

Gideon Ben-Tovim

First elected May 1987 to Granby ward which changed to Princes Park ward in 2004.  Did not stand for re-election in 2008.  Chair of the Education Committee 1991/92.

Dawn Booth

First elected May 1986 to Melrose ward.  Did not stand for re-election in 1998.  Chair of the Social Services Committee 1991/92.

Paul Clark

First elected May 1996 to County ward until 2010.  Leader of Liberal Democrats & Leader of Opposition 1988/91.  Chair of Social Services Committee 1980/83.  Lord Mayor 2007/08.

Eddie Clein

First elected to the Speke ward in May 1969 until 1972.  May 1984 elected to Childwall ward. Lord Mayor 2000/01.  Chair of the Regeneration Select Committee 2005-2010.

Barbara Collinge

First elected to Woolton ward May 1998.

Frank Cooke

First elected to Pirrie ward in May 2003 which changed to Norris Green ward in 2004.

Frank Doran

Elected to the council in May 1973 – 1990 to Kensington ward.  In May 1991 re-elected to Kensington ward which changed to Kensington & Fairfield in 2004 until May 2008.  Lord Mayor 1996/97.

Ron Gould

First elected to Fazakerley  ward in1975 until 1979.  Elected to Warbreck ward 1980/84.  Elected to Aigburth ward in May 1994 which changed to Mossley Hill in 2004 until 2011.  Lord Mayor 2003/04. 

Marie McGiveron

First elected to Breckfield ward in 1988.  Chair of the Community Services Neighbourhood Development Committee.

Richard White

First elected in 1996- 2000 to Smithdown ward.  Re-elected to Smithdown in 2002 which changed its name to Central in 2004.

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