Lord Mayor to get a taste of Victorian Christmas

Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Councillor Gary Millar will visit the Victorian Christmas education programme which takes place at Croxteth Hall.

Lord Mayor said: “I am looking forward to getting a taste of a Victorian Christmas.

“This education programme is a fun and engaging way for our young children to learn about history and past traditions.

“It is also a great opportunity to get away from school for the day and engage with other pupils while getting a taste of how Christmas used to be.

“I am sure that coming to Croxteth Hall and working hard as servants for the day will make our youngsters appreciate how different, and better, life is for many of them in the 21st Century.”

Put together by the Ranger services, this is a chance for school children from all over the North West to go to ‘work’ as domestic servants for the Earl of Sefton, stepping back in time to take part in a living history programme.

Every year the event sells out and over three thousand children will attend this year with members of the Ranger service, staff and volunteers also taking part by taking on various roles around the household from the Earl to kitchen staff, maids and butlers.

Pupils from Rice Lane School in Walton will be on hand to serve up home-made mince pies and truffles to the Lord Mayor.


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