Lord Mayor visits Holocaust exhibition

The Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Councillor Erica Kemp,  viewed a special exhibition being held to raise awareness of the Holocaust.

The exhibition was staged by Fathers House, a Christian congregation based in Deeside, who have been exhibiting in shopping centres and taking out questionnaires to shoppers to ask about their recollection and understanding of Holocaust.

This year, the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, the exhibition was held  at the Friends Meetings House in School Lane, Liverpool 1 between Tuesday 27  and Thursday 29 January .

The Pastor of Fathers House, Pastor Mike Fryer said that the questionnaires have revealed that many of those surveyed by his team had little or no knowledge of Holocaust. He said: “Before the early 1990’s Holocaust was not a subject schools taught to their students and ,therefore, there are those in our society who don’t really understand the suffering of those six million Jews who were murdered during the years of the Second World War.”

Mike Fryer and the Lord Mayor
Mike Fryer and the Lord Mayor

Councillor Jeremy Wolfson ,said: “This exhibition  raised awareness of the Holocaust in a particularly significant year. We are very pleased that the Lord Mayor  visited it and would like to thank her for finding time in her schedule to do so.”

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