Lord Mayor’s Search for WW1 Heroes

As the city prepares to mark the 100th anniversary of WW1, Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Councillor Gary Millar is searching for families of some of its forgotten heroes.

A memorial plaque, thought to be from St Peter’s Church, High Park Street, in Toxteth has been unearthed in the nearby garden of the former church caretaker.

Upon close inspection it was discovered that half of the names are not listed in the city’s Hall of Remembrance, situated at the Town Hall, which honours Liverpool soldiers who died in the world wars.

Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Councillor Gary Millar is hoping for families of those named on the plaque to come forward and claim their relatives place in Liverpool’s Hall of Remembrance.

Councillor Gary Millar said: “I think it is fitting that in the year we commemorate the start of the First World War this plaque, and those named on it, should take their rightful place in the history books.

“The existence of the plaque was originally brought to my attention by local resident Irene Milson and initial detective work was undertaken by Paul Ford from the Bootle History Group – sadly Paul recently passed away but without his efforts the names of these soldiers may never have been known.

“It is all too easy to forget the sacrifices made by those who fought for our freedom but this is the perfect opportunity for friends and relatives of the men on this plaque, to do their duty, come forward, and ensure that the names of all of these men live on in the Hall of Remembrance.

“I hope we can do the right thing by these men and their loved ones and ensure that they are never forgotten.”

The plaque features the names: Clarence Adams, Vivian Adams, William Asplant, Samuel R Clarke, James Clunas/Cluness, Joseph Eardley, John H Griffiths, Harry Griffiths, E Kingston Fleming, Wilfred W Hall, J Keggan Maddrell, Thomas Stanley Pickersgill, William Robinson, William Thistlewood, Harry Thistlewood, and James Thomas.

It is believed that the plaque was taken from the church for safekeeping sometime before 2006/7 when the church and its land were sold to make way for apartments. It was apparently kept by caretaker Mr Harry Gardam, who was a loyal servant of the Methodist church. Mr Gardam, who lived at 133 High Park Street, died in 2010.


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