Lorraine’s in the know

Newest addition to the Liverpool business circuit, KNOW Services Ltd. is Loraine Lewis’ ‘in the know’ venture commercialising intelligence, organisation, knowledge and wisdom.

After a long stint in the police force as a Senior Crime Analyst and knowing that life is too short Loraine decided to pack up and head for a five-year stay on a paradise island, Turks and Caicos, before being washed up on the shores of Merseyside.

With an unlikely journey that has taken her far and wide across the globe, Loraine has finally settled in Liverpool with a new and intriguing business venture that puts her police force experience into play by providing organisations with access to Intelligence Analysts.

Loraine had a role within the Warwickshire Police Force working as a ‘Communities Against Drugs Intelligence Analyst’ and from there she progressed and worked with the West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit and Police Force. Despite such an impressive professional history, Loraine sought new challenges and adventure and wound up on a tiny island in the Bahamas, Loraine said: “I needed a change. I needed something different and I needed a challenge

“It’s a tiny little island that if you look at a map, you can’t even see it! And it’s beautiful, it’s only about 17 miles long and about four miles wide and has one of the best beaches in the world; Grace Bay. Initially I was there for two years, but this later was converted to a permanent post and I worked in many areas.”

But always looking for the next adventure, in December 2015 Loraine returned to England where she embarked upon entrepreneurship with the launch of her own business, Loraine said: “I identified a gap in the market for providing businesses access to Intelligence Analysts. KNOW Services Ltd would become an extra pair of hands in times of higher demand, or for those who did not need a full time Intelligence Analyst. I wanted to be able to provide the skills and the services that I have to small or more niche organisations.”

In taking the first step towards entrepreneurship, Loraine contacted Liverpool City Region’s ‘Enterprise Hub’, a new programme which will support over 6000 Merseyside residents to develop enterprise skills creating over 1200 new businesses in the next three years, and was linked with The Women’s Organisation to offer practical support.

Taking a leap into the unknown, Loraine began attending courses and workshops and receiving ongoing support with her business plan, Loraine said: “The Women’s Organisation was mentioned to me , but it wasn’t until I was looking for a Virtual Office (which 54 St James Street supplies) that I put two and two together. I walked into the building and just knew it was right for me. I was introduced to my Business Adviser and we started from there.”

Now KNOW Services Ltd. is flourishing and Loraine hasn’t looked back, she added: “KNOW Services Limited is providing organisations with the knowledge and understanding to make informed decisions, achieved by working in partnership with our clients, providing outstanding bespoke Intelligence and analytical products and guidance – Putting you in the KNOW to make informed decisions”.

If you are looking for business advice or support, please contact Enterprisehub@thewo.org.uk or call 0151 706 8113

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