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Love your bones

On World Osteoporosis Day, it’s never too early to start to look after your bones.  Bone health begins to decline from our mid 30’s, so changes to our diet and lifestyle can prevent osteoporosis further on in life.

It’s also important for over 50’s to make looking after their bones a priority, especially if you already have an underlining health condition such as diabetes or coeliac disease.  Winter can also be a time where more of our elderly residents may trip and fall, so understanding bone health can help prevent unnecessary fractures.

Ways to improve your bone health can include:

• Eat a diet rich in calcium, such as dairy products and leafy green vegetables.
• Vitamin D helps absorb calcium, so consider taking a Vitamin D supplement during the winter.
• Maintain a healthy weight, not to overweight or underweight as this can put pressure on your bones.
• Exercise can help build muscle and protect your bones.  Gentle exercise such as walking or pilates are excellent ways to maintain fitness.
• Smoking increases the risk of thin bones, so speak to your GP or local services such as Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation about helping to quit.
• Keep an eye on the amount of alcohol and stick to the recommended units per week – no more than 14 units per week for both men and women.
• Look at drinking water instead of fizzy drinks as these can take vital minerals from your bones, making you more prone to brittle bones.

osteoporosis-infoOsteoporosis effects women and men, so looking after your bones will keep you healthy and independent for longer.

If you think you are at risk, speak to your GP about being tested for osteoporosis or visit to take the one minute bone health risk test.

Councillor Tim Beaumont, Mayoral Lead for well-being said: “If you’ve not thought about looking after your bones today – World Osteoporosis Day – is a very good time to start and follow the advice which has been given.”

And Councillor Gerard Woodhouse , Mayoral Lead for Older People, said: “While it’s important that people of all ages look after their bones,  it is particularly so for older people to help reduce the risk of unnecessary fractures.”

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