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Make it a green Christmas

With Christmas now only four weeks away many of us will be racking our brains desperately trying to think of an affordable and unique gift for our nearest and dearest.

The Merseyside and Halton Waste Partnership are encouraging people to go green this year and, for keen gardeners or anyone with an interest in the environment, buying a home compost bin could make a great present.

Chairperson of Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority, Councillor Joe DeAsha, said: “You can put a compost bin to use almost immediately by composting the vegetable peelings and remnants from your Christmas celebrations. By next year they’ll have rotted down to produce a nutritious free supply of compost your garden will love.”

Giving a compost bin not only makes a great Christmas gift, but it’s a positive way to start the New Year by helping to significantly reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill.

Councillor DeAsha continued: “The only downside is you’ll need an awful lot of wrapping paper, but never mind, you can always add some of that to your compost bin too.”

To get your special offer compost bin and see the range of other ‘green’ and energy saving products that could make great gifts, simply go to or call 0844 571 4444.

Home compost bins start from as little as £16 (plus £5.49 delivery) and as an added bonus you can also take advantage of the Buy One Get One half price offer, meaning even bigger savings on the RRP of £39. Orders for Christmas delivery should be placed by 5th December.

Home composting – top tips for Christmas

Home Composting is easy to do all year round; here are some great tips to help you keep a good thing going over the Christmas period. You’ll be surprised how many Christmas items can be composted.

  •  Make your compost mixture more a-peel-ing! At Christmas we always eat much more and produce more food waste than at any other time of the year. Your compost bin will really appreciate the peelings from your tasty winter vegetables and festive fruits such as Satsumas and Clementines
  • Warm up your worms! Wood ash from open fires can be put into your compost bin; Let it cool right down first though, you don’t want to cook the worms and other little critters working hard to produce compost for your spring veg.
  • *Give your mix a Christmas present! Plain wrapping paper (non metallic/glossy/plastic/waxy) and gift tags can be scrunched up and added to the mix, but if you do, make sure you add it gradually and mix with your fruit and veg peelings to get the right balance. Cardboard packaging from Christmas toys and gifts will add fibre and structure to your bin, as well as paper napkins, Christmas crackers, inners and party hats! (But again, be careful not to include anything metallic/glittery or made from plastic film).
  •  Wish your Compost bin a Happy New Year! The remnants of your New Year’s Eve party will also be a welcome addition to your compost bin. Nut shells, wooden cocktail sticks, paper plates and some party food packaging. Natural corks can also be added but will take longer to break down.
  • Twelfth Night! When the festivities have drawn to a close for another year, if there is any room left in your compost bin you can add those natural home made decorations, the holly and the ivy, mistletoe, paper chains and other compostable decorations.




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