Matt Ashton – 10 points to change Covid-19 attitudes

Director of Public Health, Matt Ashton, was asked what he thinks could help deal with the divide we are seeing in people’s attitude towards Covid-19, past, present & future.

Here’s his 10 point plan…

  1. Set objectives – be absolutely explicit on what is it we are trying to achieve.
  2. Clarity of message – what do we want people to be doing at every stage?
  3. Transparency – why do we want people to do it? What difference will it make? What will happen if people don’t do it? What progress are we making? Share the data!
  4. Be bold & brave – don’t wait to make hard decisions, get on with it! Always better in the long run!
  5. Have consistency – do the same thing over a long period of time, don’t change approaches, messages or slogans unnecessarily!
  6. Leadership – do the same as what we are telling other people to do. One rule for everybody!
  7. Politics – manage the political infighting, with both a big P and little p. Speak with one voice!
  8. The power of communities – do things WITH and THROUGH our communities, never TO our communities!
  9. Reflect & Learn – always take time to learn from what works and what doesn’t. Make changes if needed, and explain the reasons why.
  10. Have compassion – act like you actually care about the outcome. Behave with kindness and compassion throughout!

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