Mayor Anderson is Mayor of the Month

The London-based City Mayors Foundation have selected Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson as its official Mayor of the Month for April.

Each month City Mayors choose a mayor from around the world for the award whose vision and achievements should be studied and emulated by other Mayors and communities.

Previous winners include leaders from large cities such as London, Mexico City and New York, as well as mayors from smaller communities such as Pittsford (USA) and Soda (India).

Tann vom Hove, Senior Fellow at City Mayors foundation said: “I believe Joe Anderson is the kind of mayor every large city should have.

“Rooted in his city but with an international outlook, a passionate champion of the underprivileged in society and a confident performer on any world stage.

“He is someone who understands that mending potholes and collecting garbage are as important as attracting prize-winning waterfront developments.

“Joe Anderson is a city leader who can make himself heard but, more importantly, is listened to.”

In an extended interview on City Mayors website Mayor Anderson talks about his path into politics as well tackling important issues such as the renaissance of the city, his call for more financial freedoms for big cities and how he firmly believes Liverpool’s best days are ahead of it.

Read the interview here

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