Liverpool Town Hall

Mayor appoints Cabinet Member for Finance

Mayor Joanne Anderson has appointed Cllr Liam Robinson as Cabinet Member for Finance.

The Mayor has taken over responsibility for the Neighbourhoods portfolio, which was previously held by Cllr Robinson.

The Cabinet members and their portfolios are:

  • Leading the city and Neighbourhoods – Mayor Joanne Anderson
  • Deputy Mayor and Cabinet member for Fairness and Tackling Poverty – Councillor Jane Corbett
  • Assistant Mayor and Cabinet Member for Development and Economy – Councillor Sarah Doyle
  • Assistant Mayor and Cabinet Member for Adult and Children’s Social Care – Councillor Frazer Lake
  • Assistant Mayor and Cabinet Member for Culture and Visitor Economy – Councillor Harry Doyle
  • Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Environment – Councillor Dan Barrington
  • Cabinet Member for Finance – Councillor Liam Robinson
  • Cabinet Members for Education and Skills – Councillor Tom Logan
  • Cabinet Member for Equality, Diversion and Inclusion – Councillor Pam Thomas
Liverpool Waterfront