Mayor drops in on Kensington Fields

Mayor Joe Anderson dropped in on Kensington Fields Community Centre in Liverpool 7 to see some of the work they’ve been doing to put the area on the map.

As well as setting up community gardens and growing scheme, the Centre has been working with the Council and local artist Alan Murray on a giant number L7 sculpture on Low Hill.

Centre manager Sue Robinson said: “Residents wanted something to put the area on the map. We’re a community on the edge of the City Centre and wanted to use art to get the whole community, especially young people, engaged and proud of their area.”

Local councillor Nick Small added: “I am pleased the Mayor could come to Kensington Fields to see some of the work the councillors have been doing with residents and the Community Centre to bring a sense of pride to the area. As well as the art work we’ve put funding in place to tidy the area up and improve public realm.”

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