Mayor Joe Anderson’s message on the EU referendum vote


“I have a very simple message for the people of Liverpool, and those who are from our many diverse communities. Firstly, Liverpool did not vote to leave the EU. I am proud that our city voted to remain and that is a mark of our proud history of welcoming people from across the world over many hundreds of years.

“No-one who lives in Liverpool should be frightened by the decision. You are part of the community of Liverpool. You are welcome here and we look forward to you remaining and being part of our community.

“The challenge we now face is to mitigate some of the problems we will undoubtedly face associated with the UK leaving the EU. We need to work with MPs, MEPs, trade unions and business leaders and talk about what happens next.

“We are in uncertain, choppy waters and we’ve got to work together now more than ever to try and overcome that uncertainty and make sure we can move forward as a city and a city region like we’ve never done before.”

Liverpool Waterfront