Mayor reveals talks over securing future of golf courses

Mayor Joe Anderson has revealed that advanced discussions are taking place that could secure the future of two municipal golf courses in Liverpool.

He has revealed the authority has been in talks with interested parties for several months in order to eliminate the £300,000 annual cost of subsidising North Liverpool and Allerton Golf courses.

The terms of the potential deal mean that affordable and accessible ‘pay and play’ golf will continue to be provided at the courses.

Investment in the facilities through upgrades and appropriate additional facilities will also be encouraged to improve the courses and attract customers.

Mayor Anderson said: “We are confident that this will be a really good deal for the city council. It would save money and secure the future of two long standing sports facilities.

“We can no long afford to subsidise the courses, but we know how much they are appreciated by the people who use them. That is why we have been working extremely hard over the last few months to put together a deal that satisfies everyone.

“This proposal, which we are hoping to bring to Cabinet before the end of the year, will mean they continue to operate at a price that is affordable to users and receive investment to make them sustainable in the long term.

“Although we are having to make tough decisions due to the severe cuts in our funding from central Government, we are determined to do all we can to make sure that we find alternative and innovative ways of securing the future of well-loved community facilities.”

If negotiations are successfully concluded, it is expected that the operators would take over the courses by April 2014.

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