Mayor writes to the people of Liverpool

Following the mass gathering at Liverpool’s Pier Head yesterday evening, Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson, has written to the people of the city.

To the people of Liverpool,

I wanted to put in writing my sadness and disappointment at the scenes that unfolded in Liverpool city centre last night.

An occasion for celebration has been turned instead into headlines of disgraceful behavior.  Our city is, rightly, proud of the phenomenal success of one of our football teams.  But the time for public celebration in crowds is not now.

Our city remains in the grip of a major public health crisis and this behaviour is wholly unacceptable.  Let me be clear – lives are at risk.

Seeing thousands of people congregating at the Pier Head into the early hours and the ugly scenes shared on social media afterwards was heartbreaking to see. Fireworks, flares and tons of litter, amount to nothing but disrespect for our city. 

Like many others, I became emotional out of frustration at what I was seeing.

This mindless behaviour has the potential to damage Liverpool’s reputation – both the club’s and the city. I don’t believe this is how the team would like their achievement to be remembered.

We know that many fans want to gather together to celebrate LFC’s success, and when it is safe to do so we will mark the team’s success properly.  We will celebrate.  And we will come together and cheer Klopp, Henderson and the rest of the team through the streets of Liverpool. 

But we will do it when it is safe.

There mustn’t be a repeat of last night. We must avoid another spike of Covid-19 if possible.  We must save lives and protect the hard-working NHS staff and care workers we are all so proud of.  If you know anyone who is planning to go out, like a friend or a family member, ask them to think again.

Let’s instead celebrate safely. Let’s applaud Liverpool for their scintillating football. Let’s remember the values of this city – pride, togetherness and integrity.


Liverpool Waterfront