Mersey Tunnels users encouraged to consider impact of track renewal works on journeys

Mersey Tunnels users are being urged to play their part in keeping the City Region moving during the Wirral Loop Line track renewal works which start from 3rd January 2017.

Regular tunnel  users are being warned that the Birkenhead and Wallasey tunnels are likely to be a lot busier for the first six weeks of the year, when there will be no cross-river rail services, and are advised to travel out of peak times where possible or to allow more time for their journeys and plan in advance.

Meanwhile, rail users are being encouraged to stick to public transport – express rail replacement services, existing cross-river buses and the Mersey Ferries to help keep the tunnels and surrounding routes flowing.

Merseytravel’s figures show that an increase of just 10 per cent on peak AM and PM traffic flows in the tunnels would lead to significant levels of congestion.

That congestion would not only have an effect on existing tunnel users, but would also slow down rail replacement and cross-river bus services – key travel alternatives during the works.

Advice for regular tunnel users:-

  • Look to travel at non-peak times where possible and allow extra time for your journey.
  • Ensure that your car is winter-ready to avoid any potential breakdown in the tunnels which would cause disruption and delays to all motorists
  • If you don’t have one already, apply for a Fast Tag. As well as saving you money on each tunnel journey, it will assist in managing traffic flow through the toll plazas.
  • If you are a road haulier/delivery firm, discuss with businesses and organisations that contract your services whether deliveries or pick-ups can be rescheduled to avoid travel through the tunnels at peak periods.

Mersey Tunnels Control Centre will be monitoring traffic across the Mersey Tunnels estate to proactively respond to all incidents to minimise the impact to motorists.

Wayne Menzies, Chair of the Liverpool City Region’s Major Events Transport Board and Head of Rail at Merseytravel, said:

“Wirral line rail users will be well aware of the impact the track renewal work will have on their journeys, but regular tunnel users may not be aware that it’s likely to have an impact on their journeys too. Like rail users, they need to be prepared and to consider their options.

“Encouraging rail users to stick to public transport, and regular tunnel users to consider when they travel, can help manage the flow of traffic through the tunnels for everyone’s benefit, including those on express rail replacement or cross-river bus services.”

‘Live’ journey times through the tunnels are available through Merseytravel’s travel updates available via the homepage at  or through the downloadable Merseytravel app

For more details on the Wirral loop line track renewal, visit

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