MerseySign cultural weekend

This weekend will see a pioneering Deaf Arts and Cultural Festival.  Events include:

Friday 7 June
Deaf History Walk
Guided by Barry Kirwan (Chair of Liverpool Deaf Centre Users Group), the walk covers a route, taking in the buildings that were part of Deaf History in the UK and the stories behind them.
Meeting point – FACT, Wood Street, Liverpool, L1 4DQ – 6.30pm (£2.00 – see below, Performing Arts at the Deaf Centre)

**There will be no voice-over access**

Saturday 8 June
Deaf History Talk
At the Rex Makin Lecture Theatre, County Session Building (side door) Liverpool, Deaf Historian, Tony Boyce from the British Deaf Historical Society will deliver a talk on the foundation of Liverpool Adult Deaf and Dumb Benevolent Society, which became Merseyside Society for Deaf People. Next year, will be the 150th anniversary of this society which is believed to be the oldest Deaf-led organisation in the UK.
Liverpool Museum Lecture Theatre, William Brown Street, Liverpool, L3 8EL – 10.30am (£2.00 – see below, Performing Arts at the Deaf Centre)

**There will be no voice-over access**

BSL Talk at Walker Art Gallery
The talk is written by Deaf Artist, Aaron Williamson which was commissioned by DaDaFest last year. It is a fascinating insight on the artists, and the models of the Pre-Raphaelites, such as Rossetti and Hunt. Spoken by Emma Devlin of NML and signed in BSL by Leanne Morris.
Walker Art Gallery, William Brown Street, Liverpool, L3 8EL – 1.30pm (Free Event)

Visual Arts at Brinks Café
This café is also known as “The Deaf Café” due to a group who regularly visit every Saturday. On a screen, there will be slide shows of various visual arts, created by Deaf people. Also, you can enjoy a chat with good food and non-alcoholic drinks.
Brinks Caf̩, 15-21 Parr Street, Liverpool, L1 4JN Р11am to 3pm (Free Event)

Hands On – Finding Your Spotlight Seminar
Next door to the Brink Café is Parr Street Studios. It is a famous place for Hearing Culture and is where top groups, such as Coldplay, created their record albums. Deaf Arts Leaders will have a seminar in Studio 2, sharing their work experiences in the Arts and Cultural Sector. Guest speakers include Craig Crowley MBE, President of the Deaflymplics
Parr Street Studio 2, Parr Street, Liverpool, L1 4JN – 10.30am to 4pm (contact Barry Avison, DaDaFest, details below)

Performing Arts at the Deaf Centre
Liverpool Deaf Centre Theatre will be hosting a Performing Arts Evening. It could be the last ever time as it is possible the building may be demolished, thus making way for a new Deaf Centre. MerseySign Theatre will perform a piece based on a fictional Liverpool Deaf Community’s reaction to the visit by a Royal Commissioner at the aftermath of a conference in Milan that recommended that Sign Language should be banned in schools. Also performing is a Deaf Group from North Wales, called Dragon Sign who are bringing their comedy revue and Deaf Improv Comedy, a nationally renowned group to end the evening with fun and laughter.
Merseyside Deaf Centre, Queens Drive, West Derby, Liverpool, L13 0DJ – 7.30pm (£10 – this also includes Deaf History Walk & Deaf History Talk)

**Suitable for age 12+ and there will be no voice-over access**

Sunday 9 June
Deaf Film at The Brink Café
A return to the Brink for a Sunday Brunch, watching locally produced films by Deaf people. Also it will be another chance to chat and give feedback about the weekend and perhaps plan for the next one, pooling together your ideas.
Brinks Caf̩, 15-21 Parr Street, Liverpool, L1 4JN Р11am to 3pm (Free Event)


MerseySign Culture Weekend is totally reliant on box officeiIncome and a very limited budget. Any surplus created will go towards a potential festival next year to celebrate Liverpool Deaf Community`s 150th Anniversary.  We in the Deaf Community in Liverpool wish to showcase our “can do” attitude and our abilities to deliver perhaps a “hidden” cultural discovery not only to the people of Liverpool, but worldwide too.

It is also an opportunity for Deaf Artists to present their work and possibly enhance their career prospects.

For further information, contact Barry Avison via DaDaFest

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