More roads to have LED lights

Thousands of Liverpool’s street lights are being replaced in a programme which will produce millions of pounds of savings to the city.

Roads in the Cressington ward are scheduled to have LED lights installed this week. They are:
Basing Street
Bathurst Road
Bellmore Street
Belper Street
Berners Road
Bowden Road
Bowfield Road
Brodie Avenue
Broughton Drive
Burman Crescent
Burman Road
Calthorpe Street
Cardwell Road
Chapel Place
Chapel Road
Cobblestone Corner
Darby Road
Dinesen Road
Duncombe Road North
Duncombe Road South
Ebrington Street
Fairacre Road
Garfourth Close
Garfourth Road
Garston Old Road
Groes Road
Halfpenny Close
Hallside Close
Hartington Road
Highgrove Park
Hurstlyn Road
Inwood Road
Island Place
Island Road
Ivy Avenue
Kintore Road
Long Lane
Lovelace Road
Lumley Street
Nursery Lane
Prizett Road
Ranelagh Drive North
Ranelagh Drive South
Ranfurly Road
Riverbank Road
Seddon Road
Southbank Road
Staveley Road
Stormont Road
Torrington Road
Whitehedge Road

More than 20,000 of the city’s existing yellow sodium lights, which have concrete columns, are being replaced with LED lights on steel columns. So more than 10,300 lights have been replaced.

The first phase of the programme, which is being delivered by Amey, is scheduled for completion in March and it is estimated that this phase will produce savings to the council of about £275,000.

And it is estimated that to date more than 900 tonnes of carbon has been saved

Overall there will be an 82% reduction in energy consumption. On-going maintenance costs will also be reduced by more than £100,000 per year when the programme is completed.

Amey has also invested in three new MEWPs (mobile elevating work platforms) and 18 tonne crane to assist the team in improving the core maintenance service, as well as continue their work in helping the city council deliver  the street lighting upgrade.  The new vehicles incorporate the latest health and safety design features and also have fuel-efficient engines to help Amey to meet carbon reduction targets.



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