Liverpool Town Hall

New appointments to Cabinet

Mayor Joanne Anderson has strengthened her Cabinet with new responsibilities for key individuals.

Councillor Pam Thomas joins the Cabinet as lead for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, and will report to the Mayoral Select Committee which scrutinises the Mayor’s work.

Cabinet Member for Development and Economy, Councillor Sarah Doyle, becomes Assistant Mayor with responsibility for business, tackling violence against women and girls and communications.

Cabinet Member for Culture and Visitor Economy, Councillor Harry Doyle, will be Assistant Mayor with responsibility for business, hate crime and communications.

Mayor Joanne said: “Pulling together my Cabinet was a huge moment, and I have been impressed by how they have each stepped up in their positions to address the challenges facing our city.

“At six months in, I am excited to bring in new roles and responsibilities that will help to deliver my manifesto, drive change, and deliver improvements. Having a dedicated political lead for equality, diversity and inclusion will enable the administration to deliver my key priorities for our city, promoting fair treatment and opportunity for all.

“Together, we are determined to restore the council’s reputation and positively impact the lives of all Liverpool citizens.”

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