Ian Ward

New Chairman of City Central BID appointed

Ian Ward, Centre Director of St Johns Shopping Centre, has been appointed the new Chairman of Liverpool City Central Business Improvement District (BID).

Ian takes over from Ed Oliver who had been in post since City Central BID, which represents more than 630 businesses in the heart of Liverpool city centre, was formed in 2005.

And Ed, who will remain Executive Chairman of Liverpool BID Company, was the first to congratulate his successor whose first major task will be to oversee a re-election of City Central BID in June 2013.

Ed said: ”With City Central coming up for a renewal ballot the time was right for someone who is operational in the city centre to run the board and help deliver our business plan over the next 5 years.

”Ian is a fantastic candidate. He is very active in the city centre and has been a great supporter of the BID. He has worked very hard over a number of years on the board, most notably in ensuring the delivery of our award winning Cop Shop. He will be an excellent chairman in taking City Central to the next level, during what will be a very exciting period for the city centre.

”My commitment to see BIDs in Liverpool succeed remains as strong as ever and this move allows me to spend more time in helping the team win the vote and to persuade people of the many and varied benefits of continuing with City Central BID.”

Ian, who has been at St Johns and a City Central board member since 2009 saw his election to the position uncontested.

The 43-year-old said: ”I am honoured to be chairman of City Central BID and would like to thank Ed Oliver for his invaluable contribution to making Liverpool city centre a safer and more attractive place to visit and shop over the past decade.

”This is a role that excites me deeply as City Central, along with its sister BID – the Commercial District – has a huge role to play in making Liverpool city centre a dynamic destination.

”A ‘yes’ vote next June will trigger a multi-million pound investment from the private sector and I will be working flat out with all our BID members and city centre partners to secure that vote and realise the ambitions we all have to continue to improve the city centre.”

Councillor Malcolm Kennedy, Cabinet Member for Regeneration and a BID Board Member, said: ”Ian knows the BID through and through and his appointment will ensure a seamless progression and continuity which is exactly what City Central needs as it prepares for its re-election. I look forward to working with Ian and helping him and the City Central team to continue their vital work in the city centre.”

Max Steinberg, Chief Executive of Liverpool Vision and a BID Board Member, which recently published a 10-year strategic investment framework for the city centre, added : “The long term goal is to create a sustainable retail offer for the 21st century that combines a vibrant shopping centre with a high quality visitor experience. Ian Ward is a strong and knowledgeable voice for the businesses in the area and will help ensure that we realise the potential to improve the wider core retail area. We at Liverpool Vision look forward to working with him in what promises to be an exciting time for the city centre and its occupiers.”

Ged Gibbons, Chief Executive of City Central BID, added: ”Ian has an excellent track record in making things happen and City Central BID and Liverpool as a whole is fortunate to have such a dedicated and talented person working on its behalf. We are now entering a re-election campaign and Ian’s support and influence will be a huge asset in ensuring City Central continues to have a voice in shaping the city centre over the next five years.”


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