New LED Street Lights Installed

Thousands of Liverpool’s street lights are being replaced in a programme which will produce millions of pounds of savings as well as environmental benefits to the city.

Roads in St Michael’s ward are scheduled to have LED lights installed this week. They are:

Aigburth Drive
Allington Street
Alwyn Street
Ampthill Road
Ancaster Road
Annesley Road
Ashbourne Road
Barchester Drive
Battery Close
Belgrave Road
Bertram Road
Bickerton Street
Blythswood Street
Brentwood Avenue
Broadhurst Street
Bryanston Road
Buckland Street
Burdett Street
Chetwynd Street
Chetwynds Street
Colebrooke Road
Dalmeny Street
Eastfield Drive
Elsmere Avenue
Errol Street
Fulwood Drive
Fulwood Park
Fulwood Road
Galbraith Close
Hadassah Grove
Ivanhoe Road
Kinnaird Street
Lambton Road
Langham Avenue
Lark Lane
Larkfield Close
Larkfield Road
Linhope Way
Little Parkfield Road
Livingston Avenue
Livingston Drive
Livingston Drive North
Livingston Drive South
Longford Street
Lucerne Street
Lucknow Street
Mannering Road
Marmion Road
Maybury Way
Monkswell Street
Mossley Hill Drive
Neilson Road
Nelson Road
Newland Court
Normanton Avenue
Oxford Close
Oxton Close
Pelham Grove
Rosslyn Street
Roxburgh Avenue
Sandhurst Street
Sefton Grove
Siddeley Street
Springbourne Road
St Michael’s Church Road
St Michael’s Close
Sunbourne Road
The Bulrushes
Thirlstane Street
Tramway Road
Waverley Road
Wendover Avenue
Windbourne Road

A total of 578 lights will be installed on these roads and 82 in alleys.

Please note that the schedule is subject to alteration.

• More than 20,000 of the city’s existing yellow sodium lights, which have concrete columns, are being replaced with LED lights on steel columns. So far more than 7,300 lights have been replaced.

The first phase of the programme, which is being delivered by Amey, is scheduled for completion in March and it is estimated that this phase will produce savings to the council of about £275,000.

It is estimated that overall there will be an 82% reduction in energy consumption and there will also be a reduction in carbon emissions of approximately 1400 tonnes in this phase.

On-going maintenance costs will also be reduced by more than £100,000 per year when the programme is completed.


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