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Parking at taxi-stands penalised

Drivers who park in marked taxi-stands in Liverpool city centre have been warned they will be hit in their pockets.

An operation by council licensing officers in the last month found 160 cars and other private vehicles parked in the stands.

The drivers have each been issued with £70 fixed penalty notices.

Councillor Christine Banks, chair of the Licensing Committee, said: “The city centre taxi-stands are clearly marked and there is no excuse for any other vehicle to park there.

“Not only does this make life difficult for taxi drivers but for their passengers who would expect to be able to get a cab at the stands but find they are blocked with private cars.

“It is an issue which has been raised with us by the taxi trade and we have shown that we will take action against those drivers who feel they can park wherever they want, no matter what inconvenience they cause.”

There are 20 taxi stands in the city centre, some operating only at night-time.

During the month prosecutions against eight private hire drivers is being considered for plying for hire and 34 cautions issued for a number of offences including taxi drivers failing to wear badges and not having licence plates attached to their vehicle.

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