Strategic Housing Delivery Partner

Partner sought to help deliver 2,500 homes

The Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson, is giving housing developers an exciting opportunity to team-up with the City Council and help build the city’s future.

A search has been launched for an official housing partner for Liverpool, to deliver 1,500 new homes for local people, and bring a further 1,000 properties back into use.

The Mayor is hosting a Bidders Event at Arena and Convention Centre Liverpool on Monday 1 July 2013, to give public and private sector organisations the chance to learn more about the plans and find out about the bidding process.

The partnership will support the Mayor’s pledge to deliver thousands of new and refurbished homes over the next three years.

Mayor Joe Anderson said: “I promised to build 5,000 new homes in Liverpool by 2016. We’re already building 2,500 of them. We want everyone in Liverpool to have access to a decent home, and that’s why improving our housing stock is one of my top priorities. To achieve this, it’s vital that we work creatively with other organisations from the public and private sector.

“This partnership will help us build on the fantastic progress we are making in housing in this city, unlocking new investment opportunities, and allowing us to pool resources and expertise. This is about improving the lives of thousands of local people, so we are only looking for organisations with a real commitment to housing regeneration – and the track record to back it up.

“We want to see innovation and a market-led approach in build development and quality, to ensure the people of this city get the housing they deserve.”

Liverpool City Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing, Councillor Ann O’Byrne, said: “We continue to make great strides in housing in this city, and this new partnership will help propel our work faster and further than ever before. It’s about working in collaboration with other organisations to deliver the housing the people of this city so desperately need.

“We’re looking forward to sharing our plans with organisations and I’m confident that they will share our enthusiasm. It’s a win-win situation, because it will increase our ability to drive forward with our housing programme, while giving our partner or partners a unique opportunity to invest in one of the country’s most dynamic, forward-thinking cities.”

Proposals which require the council to underwrite investment will be rejected.

The procurement documents can be viewed at The closing date for submission of the Pre Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) is Friday 19th July 2013.

More information about the Bidders Events in Liverpool is available at

About the Liverpool Strategic Housing Delivery Partnership

• Bidding organisations will be expected to demonstrate:

• They have the organisational, professional, financial and technical standing to deliver the project
• They are able to identify and acquire other land and property opportunities to add value to the City Council’s assets
• A commitment to building and investing in different housing markets, and creating vibrant neighbourhoods across the city
• They can deliver energy efficient, high quality and accessible homes, covering a range of property types and tenures, including affordable and executive homes
• They are geared-up to listen to and engage with communities
• A commitment to maximise local supply chain, labour and skills benefits.

As part of the partnership, organisations will be offered:

• Multi-million pound development opportunities
• Access to council-owned land
• Speedy planning and legal service
• Flexibility to tell the Council where and when we should build and refurbish properties, citywide
• Market intelligence
• Tapping into the city’s ‘Liverpool in Work’ programme, providing an experienced and local labour force and a network of suppliers

The partnership will run from 2014-2019. The council will consider an extension to the scheme for a further five years (2019-2024). This will also include economic development projects where it complements the housing delivered.

Through the partnership, the City Council will prioritise the creation and safeguarding of jobs for local people and will work with the partner organisation, through the city’s ‘Liverpool in Work’ programme, to ensure supply chain, labour and skills are sourced locally wherever possible.

The partnership would aim to build on the city’s housing growth in recent years, with work currently underway at 27 sites across the city.

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