Pedestrians told – watch your step

Adult pedestrians are being urge to watch their step and don’t be distracted as they cross roads.

A new campaign is under way as figures show that 100 pedestrians aged between 26 and 59 have been killed or seriously injured on Liverpool’s roads in the last three years.

An analysis of the causes show that two out five adult pedestrians involved in accidents had failed to look properly while crossing the road. Among the main issues of concern are people using their phones as they step off the pavement or being under the influence of drink.

The new campaign, fund by the Merseyside Road Safety partnership, and spearheaded by the city council’s road safety team, has posters and digital advertising at bus shelters, rail stations and other locations urging pedestrians, for example,  to keep their “Eyes on the road, not on your phone.”watch-your-step-poster

Councillor Tim Beaumont, Mayor lead for wellbeing said: “Many road safety campaigns have been aimed at children or drivers but the accident statistics show there is an issue with adult pedestrians.

“So many people seem to get engrossed with checking their phone that they step into the road without looking.

“This campaign is just reminding pedestrians to use common-sense and don’t be distracted when crossing the road – the message is quite simply “watch your step.”

Liverpool Waterfront