A boards

Permission needed for A-boards

Businesses in Liverpool which want to have an advertising A-Board outside their premises are reminded that they need permission to do so.

Under a new process, introduced last month, businesses have to obtain consent from the city council for A-boards.

“A number of businesses have already applied for permission but there are those who have not and there may be others who are thinking about having A-Boards, ” said Councillor Tim Moore, cabinet member for transport and climate change. “They need to apply as soon as possible.

“We changed the process for A-boards because they have proliferated, especially in the city centre, in recent years and sometimes they can make it difficult for disabled people and people pushing buggies.

“The council has a duty to manage the footways to ensure they are accessible for all users and this is what this process will do. It also makes it very clear to business what they need to do.”

The new process on A-boards followed extensive consultation with business representative groups and the Council’s Disabled Access Forum, which represents various disabled groups. A framework was produced that enables businesses to use the footway and address the concerns of disabled users by placing ‘ A’ Boards in appropriate locations.

To obtain permission the Council has produced a guidance document -‘A Boards – Permission and Management Guidelines’ -together with an application form, these documents can be obtained from the following:

Internet : http://liverpool.gov.uk/Business/licences-and-permits/roads-and-highway-licences/advertising-board-licence/

Email: HDC@liverpool.gov.uk

Phone: 0151 233 300 and ask for ‘Highway Development Control.


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