Polish Midsummer Festival

Liverpool One will host a fantastic Polish Midsummer Festival this weekend, with live Polish folklore music

On Saturday 22nd of June 2013, Merseyside Polonia will be celebrating The Polish Midsummer Festival in Chavasse Park, Liverpool One.

The festival traces its roots to a peaceful pagan ritual where maidens would float wreaths of herbs on the water to predict when they would be married, and to whom. The day of marry making had become a festive event and it still continues until today. It is also a feast celebrating the unity of fire and water, Sun and Moon, man and woman, joy and love, on the shortest night of the year.

The day long festival will be filled with performances of live Polish folk bands, dance, singing and workshops on arts and crafts. There will be an opportunity to create a flower headdress, learn some Polish Language and traditional dance and find out more about Poland and its treasures.

On this special occasion Liverpool will also welcome Lodz based folklore band ‘Zołotar’, which cultivates folk music of Eastern Europe, with unique, slightly modernised arrangements of traditional folk songs. The band members use a wide range of instruments and various performance techniques, as well as rhythms inspired by Latin American, African and Indian music.
The Event will also be joined by the well-known ‘Mazury’ Band and Dance Company. With its over 60 years of existence, ‘Mazury’ have performed in over 30 countries, alongside Come Dancing, New Year’s Day musical shows, many prestigious London dance venues, The Festival of the Pyrenees, Arundel Castle, the Cheltenham Spring Festival, Charleston Manor for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and several other heads of state including the Prince and Princess of Wales.

The Festival hosted by Merseyside Polonia charitable organisation marks strengthening bonds between Polish people and the city. With such a vast amount of Polish people living in the UK and Polish now being the second foreign language of Britain, the festival will be a great chance to find out more about the most important festivities of the ancient Slavic culture and Poland itself!
Come along to celebrate Polish Midsummer Festival on Saturday 22nd

The event is FREE and starts at 11am – 6pm 18:00

Liverpool Waterfront