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Positive changes for Liverpool City Council Social Care telephone enquiries 

Liverpool City Council has reached another important milestone on its improvement journey, changing how phone calls to Adult Social Care and Children’s Services are handled, in order to allow the Council to offer a wider range of services to callers.  

A new number is now in operation – 0151 459 2606 –  replacing the Careline service. In its place are two new services – one for adults called Adult Access, and one for children, called the Children’s Advice and Support Service

 Residents with more complex enquiries, related to Adult Social Care and Children’s Services will be directed to the most appropriate service for their needs.  

Callers using the old Careline number will now be greeted with a recorded message informing them of the changes. They will also be provided with the number for the new service, as well as information about the various online options for accessing information and support.  

Adult Access 

Adult Access will focus on promoting health and wellbeing, for new residents who are not already known to Adult Social Care. The core opening hours will be Monday to Friday, 8am to 10pm. 

Adult Access will have three distinct areas of expertise: one offering information, advice and guidance; the second giving safeguarding support and the third being a multi-disciplinary team who can assess whether a person needing care and support would benefit from reablement. Reablement aims to support people to regain skills to live active healthy lives in their community through short term intervention which has a focus on rehabilitation.   

Children’s Advice and Support Service (CASS) 

The new Children’s Advice and Support Service (CASS) is being introduced to offer a bespoke, professional service for children who need support or protection. CASS will also provide a streamlined pathway for families into Early Help Services. The core opening hours will be Monday to Friday, 8am to 10pm. 

CASS provides a single point of contact for professionals and members of the public who want to raise concerns about children and young people. This is the dedicated ‘front door’ for Children’s Social Care – and is another important step in laying the foundations to providing an excellent service to the children and families of Liverpool. 

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