A power-ful memory for phone numbers

SP Energy Networks, which owns and manages the network of cables and power lines for Liverpool, has launched a ‘Memory Energiser’ campaign to help customers remember its new hotline for power emergencies.

This follows new YouGov research which shows over a third of people from Liverpool surveyed (37%) can only remember two or less phone numbers, and just under one fifth (18%) of people can’t remember their own phone number.

SP Energy Networks has launched a new hotline number, including a new number for mobile phones, in response to the number of customers who now use mobile phones to report a power loss or emergency. As the distributor of power across Liverpool, SP Energy Networks restores electricity supplies as quickly as possible should a fault occur. While loss of power is a rare occurrence, SP Energy Networks is urging people across Liverpool to remember its new hotline numbers; 0330 1010 400 for mobiles and 0800 001 5400 for landlines.

Research on memory commissioned by SP Energy Networks also found that of those surveyed in Liverpool:
• Almost a third (32%) of people don’t know their child’s phone number
• Nearly a third (29%) of people always tend to forget people’s names
• Over a quarter (26%) of people forget birthdays
As part of the ‘Memory Energiser’ campaign, SP Energy Networks is running a competition to find the most memorable radio jingle. People across Liverpool can submit their own jingles or karaoke-style singalongs by visiting powerjingle.co.uk.

Research showed:
• Over half (54%) of people from Liverpool are more likely to remember a radio jingle that’s funny
• Nearly half (44%) of people surveyed find irritating jingles easier to remember
• Nearly half (48%) of people say music makes a jingle most memorable

Vicky Kelsall, Customer Service Director, SP Energy Networks, said: “As we approach the winter, it’s important that people in Liverpool know who to call in the event of a power-related emergency – which could include anything from a loss of supply, to reporting metal theft or substation vandalism.

“The hotline gives people support around the clock, 24-hours a day seven days per week. If a customer calls us with an emergency we can fix the problem quicker and our expert staff can give you guidance on what to do until the fault is sorted. As well as the new landline and mobile hotlines, our team also respond to tweets via @SPEnergyNetwork.”

As the result of winter storms hitting the country earlier this year, the SP Energy Networks advice team helped almost 250,000 customers to receive support via the hotline.

SP Energy Networks top tips for being prepared include:
• Keep the emergency hotline number (on landlines 0800 001 5400 and on mobiles 0330 1010 400) to hand and inform SP Energy Networks as soon as you experience problems with your electricity supply. Log onto spenergynetworks.co.uk for all other general enquiries
• If electricity is crucial to your health (for instance, if you use medical equipment at home) customers should ask to be included on the SP Energy Networks priority service register by contacting them on  0330 10 10 444 or by using the online form at www.spenergynetworks.co.uk
• Customers should check they have the following items in stock:
– Torches with charged batteries or a wind up dynamo torch
– Keep a battery power radio in your house, as you may be able to receive updates on any incident.
– An analogue telephone – most modern phones rely on an electricity supply in addition to the phone line, but an analogue phone can work on just the phone line

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