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Rate it today, your health, your say

Have you recently used  a health and social care service?  Been to the hospital, your GP, the opticians, the chemist or your dentist? Regularly visit a relative in a care or nursing home?  Then this an opportunity to share your experience.

Go to ‘Rate Our Service’ today to give us your opinion on the service you received.  You can now have your say about all health and social care services in Liverpool and your feedback can to help improve them.

You will not be indentified by any rating you make and others will not be able to see the comments that you have made. So if you’ve had a good, or not so good experience, rate it today.

Liverpool LINk will use the data to work with local service providers to identify gaps, share good practice and improve quality.

Ratings and comments will be strenuously monitored so people cannot influence the feedback by submitting multiple entries, or offensive or defamatory remarks.

To access Rate our Service, go to the Liverpool LINk website at

For those who don’t have internet access but would still like to submit their rating, please contact the office on 0151 227 5177

You are also free to pop into the LCVS office at 151 Dale Street in Liverpool City Centre during office hours and collect postcards and posters to give out to friends or family, or to leave at your local health and social care services.

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