Residents get on their bikes

Residents of Dingle became the latest to embrace citybike as they got to try out the scheme during National Obesity Week.

At Riverside Centre for Health Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group, Cycle training provider BikeRight and citybike joined forces to show how cycling from A to B is fun, fast, affordable and good for you.

GP and NHS Liverpool CCG Governing Body Member Dr. Maurice Smith said that citybike offered a great opportunity for people to get healthier without even realising it.

“The citybike scheme is amazing,” he said. “It is an affordable way to get around and just by   riding to the shops or to work you are improving your health.
“One in four adults and one in five children under the age of 10 are obese and if we do not take action now, by 2030 almost 10% of the population will develop diabetes.

“But by making small, simple, healthy changes, like using citybike rather than the car and choosing healthier snacks, we can begin to change that. Just 30 minutes a day of any physical activity will make a huge difference.”

Citybike day hire costs from just £3 and for annual members the first half-hour of every journey is free.

Robert Taylor was one of those who tried citybike at Riverside, and he was impressed.

“It is so easy,” he said. “You have to help yourself and keep trim but this scheme means you can do it while you go about your business.”

Peter MacDonell also had a go on citybike: “I’ve always ridden bikes. It’s really good for my health, particularly as I get older, it keeps me healthy.

“If you haven’t got a bike, just go and hire one of these citybikes. It means that everyone do it.”

Cllr Roz Gladden, Deputy Mayor of Liverpool and Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Health, said making healthy choices easier for people was key.

“Most people are aware of which choices are healthy and which are not,” she said. “What schemes like our own citybike do is take away the belief that healthy choices are difficult or expensive.

“Hiring a citybike is cheap, simple and convenient, as we now have more than 100 stations around Liverpool. And just cycling maybe once daily as part of your regular journey could have a positive impact on your health.”

Annual memberships are just £60 and include the first half hour of every journey free plus five hours of free cycle time for longer trips. Top-ups cost just £1 per hour.

For more information on citybike memberships please visit

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