Reward for top attendance

A 100% school attendance record for a pupil at a Liverpool primary school has been rewarded

Maja Baranska, a Year Six pupil at Florence Melly school was presented with a bike and a voucher   for protective equipment at a special school assembly,

The bike was bought by Merseyside Police out of funding provided by Clubmoor councillors’ Mayoral Fund.

Councillor Irene Rainey said: “School attendance is very important and  we are doing what we can to encourage good attendance. The idea for  presenting a prize for the pupil with the best attendance came earlier in the school year and we were delighted to present the bike to Maja for her excellent record.”

Pictured: Clubmoor councillors James Noakes and Irene Rainey, headteacher Ken Heaton and Police Community Support Officer Jaqui McNally with Maja.

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