Rewriting futures with Foster Care Fortnight

How a Liverpool teenager’s life was transformed by her foster family at the age of 16 is the subject of a two minute film in a new campaign to promote foster carers.

 Bianca, now 19, is about to embark on a university education – an achievement unimaginable just a few short years ago.

Foster Care Fortnight (13th-26th May) is a national campaign organised by Fostering Network, the UK’s leading Fostering Charity.

This year’s theme is ‘Change a Future’ and Liverpool City Council is sharing Bianca’s story as a care leaver to show how fostering can transform a young person’s life.  As a 19 year old on the cusp of an exciting future at University, Bianca is now able to pursue her dreams and realise her potential, because of the opportunities being fostered gave to her.

Bianca said “Being fostered has completely turned my life around, I was given the opportunity to focus on myself which allowed me to become a person I’m proud of.  Having someone who was always there for me every day, made me feel important and helped me realise my potential”

During Foster Care Fortnight, Liverpool’s Foster Care team will be holding two drop-in events each day across the City.  At each session anyone who is interested in fostering, can find out more about how they could make a difference to child’s future, and even meet some current foster carers to hear their stories too.  For a full list of drop-in’s visit –

As well as sharing their success stories, Foster carers and carer leavers who have supported Liverpool’s Foster Care Fortnight campaign, will also be appearing on digital screens across the city during the fortnight.

Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson said: “There are many children’s and families in Liverpool, who are going through difficult times, often for just short periods but sometimes for longer.  Because we don’t have enough local authority foster carers, we sometimes have to place children outside of Liverpool, which can disrupt young people.  We’re asking you to contact Liverpool City Council, to offer your support and help us foster some of the children within our city, who desperately need our help”

The Fostering Service’s Facebook page and website holds a wide range of information for anyone who is interested in becoming a Foster Carer. Please help by sharing this information far and wide.

Liverpool Foster carers do not pay Council Tax and families also get free membership of the city’s Lifestyles Fitness Centres.

You need to be aged over 21, but there is no upper age limit and can be single, married or co-habiting, and of any sexual orientation.

Steve Reddy, Director for Children’s and Young Peoples Services said: “Fostering transforms the lives of vulnerable children across Liverpool, so we want to talk to everyone across the city about promoting foster care.  We need to provide more local authority foster care provision, to ensure we are looking after children in their communities, so they can maintain their connections, education and friendships”

People interested in fostering can visit, call the fostering team on 0151 515 0000 or follow the Fostering Service on Facebook.

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