River of Light 2019 – through your eyes.

For the 9 days of November that the #RiverOfLight festival took place, our social media was alight with notifications, as we were tagged in 100’s of your #RiverOfLight pictures.

Now that the event is over for the year, we thought we would share some of our personal picks that we have been tagged in during the festival.

Your faces

Despite the rain and wind, we saw so many of you over the 9 days. From bunnies, strings of light and portals to other dimensions, you turned out each and every night.

Even teddy bears came along…

Forget dogs at polling stations… dogs at #RiverOfLight was our favourite trend!

We’ve loved seeing your artistic take on things…

…and seeing you capture it all.

Over 200,000 of you came along over the 9 days, and we can’t thank you enough for making #RiverOfLight a moment to remember.

Keep tagging us in your pictures – we love seeing them all! instagram.com/lpoolcitycouncil

Liverpool Waterfront