School choice success for nine out of 10 Liverpool families

Almost 90 percent of pupils have been allocated one of their first three secondary school choices in Liverpool.

Out of 4,944 applications for year seven places in September 2018, a total of 4,425 – or 89 percent – have secured one of their top three schools.

More than seven out of 10 – 71 percent or 3,519 – got their first choice.

Families can select up to five schools – and 93 percent of pupils have got one of their allocated choices – the same as last year.

Assistant Mayor and Cabinet member for Education, Cllr Nick Small, said: “Last year, we increased the number of secondary school choices from three to five, to give parents the best possible chance of getting a child into a school of their choice.

“Despite an increase in applications for places this year, the percentage of allocations has remained about the same which shows that we have got our planning about right.

“We have a couple of schools that are very heavily oversubscribed which skews the figures. It is vital parents do their research to see if they meet the admission criteria. We would encourage them to find out more about schools from around the city, including single-sex schools, community schools and faith schools, so they are best placed to make the right decision when making applications.”

A total of 345 pupils – seven percent – didn’t secure any of their choices and have been allocated a school by the local authority, but in many cases parents have not used all of their preferences or do not meet the admission criteria for the schools they selected.

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