Schoolchildren sing along with Lord Mayor

Liverpool’s finest young voices have been given a starring role on the Lord Mayor’s charity Christmas CD.

The Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Councillor Gary Millar has released a special Christmas album to raise money for his charities.

Lord Mayor, Councillor Gary Millar said: “I had the idea some time ago to create, record and produce a Christmas album called ‘Voices of Angels’ and thanks to the help and support of schools, individuals and my consort Steve MacFarlane I now have a fantastic CD full of inspirational and uplifting tracks

“I am delighted that we have managed to get the CD ready in time for Christmas, the mix of voices is truly heartwarming to hear.

“I hope I can encourage as many people as possible to go out and buy the CD, at just five pounds this not only makes a great gift for someone for Christmas but also goes a long way to helping out local charities.”

One very special school involved in the CD is Springwood Heath Primary School in Garston, a unique school that has a mix of disabled and able bodied pupils, who recorded two fantastic tracks.

Bay TV Liverpool went along to the School with the Lord Mayor to meet the teachers and pupils and to see first-hand the enthusiasm and energy regarding their involvement in the Christmas CD. To see the school perform their song click here

The CD has 10 tracks (iTunes will have 11) and includes an introduction by Lord Mayor, Gary Millary and contributions from Steve Macfarlane (unbiasedly amazing), Pacific Swing (wow), The Mersey Voices (an over 65s choir based in Knotty Ash), the Academy of St Francis of Assisi (a mixed faith Secondary School in Kensington), The Night and Days (a stunning song), Jay P McWinen (a great new Liverpool Christmas anthem), The Royal Court Theatre Choir, Sparkle & Shine Theatre School, The Royal Liverpool Hospital Staff Choir, Liverpool Welsh Choral (gives me goose bumps every time I hear their 2 songs) and Springwood Heath Primary School (truly heart-warming).

Anyone wanting to purchase a copy of the CD, priced at £5, can do so from the Town Hall,Parr Street Studios, the city’s Cathedrals, the Yacht Club, Urban Village in Williamson Square and copies can even be delivered for a small charge. Anyone wanting more information can contact Liverpool Town Hall on 0151 233 3020.

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