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Schools offered training on autism

A training programme is helping staff  become more aware  of issues relating to autism after Liverpool City Council was awarded a contract to run a special training programme.

The contract was awarded by the Department for Education to the council’s SENISS (Special Educational Needs Inclusion Support Service) via the Autism Education Trust..

More than 400 staff who work with early years children have so far received training.

Now schools are being offered the opportunity for all staff to receive training around autism issues. Full information about the programme is available at http://www.autismeducationtrust.org.uk/

Councillor Nick Small, cabinet member for education, employment and skills, said:  “It was very good news that we were awarded this contract as it enables us to raise awareness around autism and to have a workforce with improved skills to meets the needs of those young people with autistic type difficulties.

“It will mean that the needs of young people will be better identified and met through  developing autism friendly practices.”

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