Housing hit list

Search for owners of empty homes

An appeal has been launched to trace the owners of a number of empty houses in Liverpool.

The council’s vacant property team is asking the public if they have any information about these houses, some of which have been empty for more than 10 years.

Searches carried out by the city council through the Land Registry, council records, electoral roll, probate records and other sources have failed to uncover details of the owners’ whereabouts.

The council has either already carried out work, or is considering carrying out work on the houses, which have fallen into disrepair to remove blight or prevent statutory or public health nuisances.

If the owners cannot be found the council may be forced to acquire the properties by compulsory purchase under the Housing Act or force the sale of the properties under the Law of Property Act.

The council would recover any costs incurred through the sale of the property and remaining funds would be held in a court account for 12 years unless claimed by the owner.

Councillor Ann O’Byrne, the cabinet member for housing, said: “Some of the properties whose owners we are trying to trace have stood empty for years and inevitably they deteriorate.

“When we carry out work on empty properties to make them safe we would normally charge the owners for this work but in these cases strenuous efforts have failed to provide details of their whereabouts, so we are asking if anybody has information about them to let us know and we can take the appropriate action. If we can find the owners officers want to talk to them, in the first instance, about their plans for the property and how they can work together to resolve the issues and get them back into use.

“If we cannot find who owns the houses we have carried out work on then the law allows us to put them up for sale and recover the money we have spent.  While it is important that we recover this money this is not just a question of us getting our costs back  but we are determined to honour the Mayoral pledge to bring vacant houses in the city back into use – empty properties can blight neighbourhoods and it is unacceptable that they should be left when they can provide decent homes.”

Information is being sought about the owners of the following properties:
• 7 Beaconsfield Street, L8 2UU
• 11 Holmes Street, L8 0RH
• 13 Dinorwic Road, L4 0UB
• 13 Priory Road, L4 2RT
• 34 Coleridge Street, L6 6BT
• 25 Breckside Park, L6 4DJ
• 54 Castlewood Road, L6 5AL
• 68 Mere Lane, L5 0QW
• 92 Hale Road, L4 3RW
• 94 Priory Road, L4 2SH
• 21 Sybil Road, L4 0RR
• 55 Fieldton Road, L11 9AE
• 30 Wendell Street, L8 0RQ
• 173 Ackers Hall Avenue, L14 4AY
• 12 Newark Street, L4 3RP
• 88 Sedley Street, L6 5AF
• 62 Tilston Road, L9 6AL
• 94 Townsend Avenue, L11 8NE

If you own one of these properties or you are aware of the owner and their contact details please contact the vacant property team on 0151 233 3055.
• The city council have previously sold 26 properties under the Law of Property Act to recover costs.

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