Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock, thanks colleagues

“To my brilliant colleagues in social care,

The last few weeks have been difficult for all of us. I am acutely conscious that you, along with
colleagues across the health and social care system, are on the front line caring for and supporting
people in incredibly challenging circumstances. Many of the people you care for will be in groups
that are at higher risk from Covid-19 and I know that you will have naturally felt concerned for
them. At the same time, you will have been grappling with the same issues we all face: how we
can best keep ourselves and our loved ones healthy, juggling our own personal caring
responsibilities, and looking out for our friends, our neighbours and communities.

My main message to you is simple: thank you.
Thank you for going the extra mile to make sure the people who rely on you are supported. Thank
you in advance for the difficult decisions you will have to make that will keep as many people as
possible safe. Thank you for taking on extra shifts to cover for those who need to isolate or have
their own caring responsibilities. Thank you for doing the right thing by isolating if you or somebody
you live with has symptoms. Thank you for everything you are doing this week, next week and in
the months to come.

We face more difficult times ahead and I know you will have been personally impacted by the
measures we have had to take to reduce the spread of Covid-19. Whilst many people are now
staying at home, I know that is not an option for most of you as your work, caring for others, cannot
be done from home. We will do all we can to make your lives easier during this period, including,
for example, making parking on council owned on-street spaces and car parks free for those who
work in social care.

The Government is releasing advice and information updates daily and we are working round the
clock to make sure you and your employer have the information, equipment and resources you
need. For those of you that use Twitter, please follow the Department for Health and Social Care
(@DHSCgovuk) for the latest information. We will also make it available through other channels. I
also want to reiterate what the Chancellor has said: we are committed to doing whatever is
needed; that promise applies just as much to social care as it does for the NHS.

Thank you again for everything you do.

Yours ever,

Liverpool Waterfront