Shops warned over nicotine inhalers

Four Liverpool shops have been caught selling nicotine inhaling products to underage teenagers during recent test-purchases.

They were among 10 visited in the city centre and North Liverpool by the City Council’s Alcohol and Tobacco Unit.

New controls, introduced in October 2015, prohibit the sale of a nicotine-based inhaling product to anyone under-18 years of age.

Two boys aged 15 and 16, volunteered to take part in the exercise to make sure that shops were asking for ID.

The shops that sold the age-restricted product will receive a warning letter, advice and re-tested in the near future to ensure compliance with the Children and Families Act. Further breaches could lead to prosecution.

The Alcohol and Tobacco Unit are reminding all shops to train staff in relation to the sale of nicotine inhaling products, as further operations will be undertaken with a view to taking action against retailers found to be making illegal, under-age sales.

A nicotine inhaling product includes:-

• A nicotine inhaling device
• A nicotine cartridge
• Or a nicotine refill substance

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