Signature Living supports search for foster carers

As part of Foster Care Fortnight, Signature Living – the Liverpool based property developer and hoteliers – are to host a search for future foster carers in the Cunard Building on Monday 14th May from 5pm-7pm.

The drop in event – which is being hosted by Signature Living in partnership with Liverpool City Council – will be attended by Children’s Services staff and foster carers who will be on hand to talk first hand to prospective foster carers about caring for a child.

The event forms part of Foster Care Fortnight during which the city’s foster care recruitment team will be out and about at two locations in the city every day with information about being a foster carer.

The event also aims to debunk many of the myths around foster caring which previously may have put off potential foster carers. Foster caring is open to anyone over the age of 21 with no upper age limit and no barriers to race or sexual orientation. The LGBT community and ethnic groups are actively encouraged to come forward as potential foster carers. Liverpool is a diverse city which needs carers from all backgrounds to come forward and care for it’s children.


Foster Care Fortnight recruitment team locations

Councillor Barry Kushner, Cabinet member for children’s services, said: “We need people with passion and commitment to make a difference to children’s lives. All you need is a spare room and the time to make the most of a rewarding opportunity.”

Quality support and training is offered and the city council welcomes carers who wish to transfer to the city council from independent fostering agencies (IFA’s) Foster carers don’t pay council tax and families also get free membership to the city’s lifestyle’s fitness centres.

Signature Living MD Sue Wright – wife of former LFC captain Mark Wright – herself a foster carer and adoptive parent – combines both roles with managing one of the fasting growing leading property and hotel groups in Liverpool with over 870 staff

Sue was also fostered as a child and knows first hand the importance of getting placements right for children, which is why she is the driving force behind Signature Living’s fostering campaign with Liverpool City Council to coincide with Foster Care Fortnight.

Sue and her husband Mark Wright have been foster carers for 10 years and have also adopted and know first hand the challenges and rewards that fostering and adoption can bring. As a former Barrister, Sue also dealt with the complexities of representing vulnerable parents and children within the Family Courts who faced Care and Adoption Proceedings over a 22 year career.

Commenting on the event, Sue Wright said: “Signature Living has the ability through its massive social following to help support Liverpool City Council on this important campaign. Imagine as a City if we managed to recruit 50 new foster carers for our most vulnerable children in Liverpool what that would mean.

“This event isn’t just about people coming along who are interested in fostering and adoption, it’s about getting people there who may also be able to spread the word to family members, neighbours or colleagues about fostering or adoption.

“I hope in some small way that I’m a role model for children in the care system that you can go onto University, you can have dreams, aspirations and make something amazing of your life and in turn you can end up helping other youngsters too.”

Lawrence Kenwright, Chairman of Signature Living, said: “Within Signature Living as a company we attach a great deal of importance in supporting social care issues in our great city. We have a very strong community and social responsibility ethos. Both myself and Katie my wife are passionate about supporting those less fortunate than ourselves, whether that be the homeless or those children who are vulnerable and in need of care.

“As parents ourselves, we are committed to helping and supporting the children of our City who also need a home and that loving care we all crave and need in life, it’s what makes us human. All children should have a supportive family and network behind them who care for and nurture them, to give them every opportunity in life to succeed and flourish. So often these children are grown up as adults before their time, they need to be allowed to grow as children, to laugh, to cry, to have fun and enjoy their childhood without the weight of the world on their shoulders.

“Without a solid foundation in childhood they risk reaching adulthood with various social issues lacking in confidence, education, self esteem, mental health, drug issues and homelessness. It is absolutely critical that we get it right at the earliest stage and give the children of our future every opportunity to fulfil their lives and we fully support this initiative of Foster Care Fortnight.”

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