Speke and the Sea Project

On Tuesday 18th December a group of 30 primary school children from schools in Speke, will spend the day in Discover Library, in Liverpool Central Library.

They will be rehearsing and working on a performance that members of the public are very welcome to come to watch, performance begins at 5.00pm.

Their performance will be based on their learning of World War II from original source documents and images held at the Liverpool Record Office and also from the Western Approaches Museum, Liverpool.

The performance project is part of ‘Hand Of’ which is an Arts and Education charity dedicated to enriching education through heritage and the arts, and supporting learning by exploring history.

Before the performance the children will have spent a day in Liverpool Record Office, touring the Library and state of the art repository, learning about the significance of archives in learning about national, local and cultural history.

Another focus of the day will be the importance of conserving records for future generations be also be demonstrated with some hands-on basic conservation.

  • Date – Tuesday 18 Dec
  • Time – 17.00
  • Location – Liverpool Central Library
  • Admission – Free
Liverpool Waterfront